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$12.2M California Truck Accident Verdict Awarded to Victim Who Sustained Traumatic Brain Injury After Being Hit By a Trailer Wheel

December 31, 1969

A jury has ordered YRC. Inc. to pay a motorist $12.2 million for his California tractor-trailer accident injuries. The victim, who driving a Chevy Metro at the time, suffered spinal injuries and traumatic brain injuries in 2008 when he was hit by a wheel that had come off the rear axle of a tractor-trailer.

The impact of the accident caused the motorist to hit his head on the roof of the motor vehicle despite wearing a seat belt. His California TBI injuries have changed his personality and damaged his memory, concentration, and ability to pay attention. Because of his spinal injuries, he had to undergo neck surgery. He will also experience back and neck pain for life. Because of his California tractor-trailer crash injuries, the victim, who worked a contractor that built, fixed, and tested military aircraft, has been unable to resume working.

Although YRC Inc. admitted responsibility for the California truck accident, the company accused the victim of lying about his brain injury. Also, the trucking company argued that the patient's neck injury was unrelated to the crash. The jury sided with the plaintiff.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
Sustaining a serious traumatic brain injury can alter a victim's existence for life.

Types of TBIs:
Penetrating Injuries: Involves a foreign object entering the brain and causing damage that way.

Closed Head Injuries: Caused by a severe blow to a head. This can lead to primary brain damage or secondary brain damage. Primary brain damage occurs on impact. Examples of primary brain damage include skull fractures, brain bruising, hematoma, lacerations of the frontal or temporal brain lobes, and diffuse axonal injury, which involves nerve damage. Meantime, secondary brain damage may develop as a result of the original trauma over time. Examples of this type of brain damage are intracranial infection, swelling, hematoma, epilepsy, intracranial pressure, blood pressure issues, anemia, abnormal blood coagulation, lung issues, and cardiac issues.

A brain injury may impair a person's ability to communicate, think, cope with life, interact with others, and generally exist. His/her motions and personality may be affected. Memory problems, inability to quickly process information, problems concentration, and other cognitive issues can develop.

A person with a severe TBI may not be able to continue working, or live independently. The TBI patient's injuries may also seriously impact their loved ones, who can no longer rely on him/her for emotional support, consortium, and financial support.

Motor vehicle crashes (semi-truck collisions, bus accidents, car crashes, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle crashes) are a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. There may be a negligent motorist and/or other related third parties that should be held liable. While nothing can make up for your losses and damages, obtaining Orange County, California traumatic brain injury damages can help cover accrued and future costs that you may have to contend with as a result of your injuries.

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