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$1.3M Los Angeles County Nursing Home Abuse Judgment Awarded to Elderly Patient Injured in Fall Accidents

December 31, 1969

Ruby Walters, an elderly assisted living facility resident, has been awarded a $1,311,593.67 Los Angeles County nursing home abuse judgment in her case against Greenpark Villa Inc. in Torrance. Walters, who fell twice while under the facility's care, suffered a hip fracture as a result and experienced severe pain.

Walters began staying at the Torrance residential care facility for the elderly after undergoing surgery for her other hip, which was fractured first. She also had a stage 1 pressure sore and suffered from dementia.

According to her Los Angeles nursing home abuse lawyers, poor staffing and not enough funding lead to inadequate nursing care, which is why Walters felt twice and her pressure sore became a stage four bedsore that became infected. Walter's legal team also claims that the assisted living facility didn't send her to the hospital after her second Los Angeles fall accident and she ended up experiencing severe pain for several months without knowing that she'd fractured another hip.

Bedsores and Fall Accidents Pose Serious Health Threat to the Elderly
Pressure sores and fall accidents are two of the most common causes of serious injuries to the elderly. They can be caused by nursing negligence. For example, a Stage 1 decubitus ulcer can rapidly becoming a serious wound that can cause serious health complications and infection and even death. Meantime, fall accidents can cause serious and painful injuries for the patient, who may have to undergo surgery and, in some cases, may find their health deteriorating as a result.

Nursing homes know all of this and it is the job of staff to check for bedsores, prevent them from happening, and properly treat them when they do. As a matter of fact, pressure sores are usually preventable unless nursing neglect comes into play.

Easy ways that nursing staff can prevent bedsores:
• Proper hydration
• Proper nutrition
• Checking the skin regularly
• Frequently changing the patient's physical position
• Skin that is regularly cleaned, then tried, and moisturized
• Changing soiled or wet sheets and clothes
• Preventing bony areas of the body from touching each other
• Immediate treatment of signs of a stage one pressure sure

As for fall accidents, assisted living facility staff are supposed to closely monitor patients that are fall accident risks, including those that cannot walk without help, and providing other assistance (for example wall railings, walkers, and wheelchairs). Fall accidents can cause broken bones, hip fractures, bruises, back injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and even deaths.

You may be able to obtain Los Angeles personal injury recovery for California nursing home abuse or neglect. You will want to work with a law firm that has the experience and resources to pursue this type of case.

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