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$121M Los Angeles Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against the City Over Teenager's Fatal Shooting on the 101 by the LAPD

December 31, 1969

The family of 19-year-old Abdul Arian is seeking $121 million in Los Angeles wrongful death compensation from the city. Arian was killed last week after he was shot by the LAPD on the 101 Freeway. The teenager was unarmed when the confrontation with police happened.

According to the family's claim, eight officers shot their son following a police pursuit. The cops had started chasing the vehicle that the teen was driving after they received reports that the vehicle he was in was being operated by a reckless driver. During the chase, which occurred through west San Fernando Valley, Arian contacted 911 and told the dispatcher that he had a gun and intended to hurt the law enforcement officers if they pulled their weapons on him. In fact, he did not have a weapon on him.

Arian got out of his car after stopping his vehicle across two lanes on the eastbound 101 Freeway close to Canoga Park Police claim that this was when he positioned himself in what they are describing as an "aggressive shooting stance" and pointed something at the police. The LAPD officers then opened fire.

According to Arian's family, the officers shot at least 90 rounds at the teenager. They believe less deadly force could have been used to detain him. Their attorney say that each officer shot 15 shots, which is 120 rounds, which is why they are seeking $120 million--a million dollars per bullet fired.

A family friend who saw the video shot by KTLA-TV of the deadly incident believes that Arian wasn't threatening police but actually pleading with them out of fear. Arian's uncle also believes that the teenager called 911 and said he had a gun because he was afraid of the cops.

"If the LAPD could have detained Arian without using such extreme measures of force or if they were careless or negligent in any other way when dealing with him, his family may be able to win their Los Angeles wrongful death case against the city and its police force," said Los Angeles Excessive Use of Force Attorney, Vincent Howard.

Heated situations can be very confusing for everyone involved and people may react or overreact different than in normal circumstances. Police officers know this and it is their job to carefully assess every situation and act appropriately.

"Excessive use of force is never the correct option and if there is a way to detain someone that requires less force then that is always the better choice," said Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyer Vincent Howard.

Unfortunately, tragic accidents and misunderstandings can happen. However, if you are the surviving relative of someone who was killed as a result of excessive use of force, some other mistake or oversight, or police brutality, you may have reason for a lawsuit.

Usually, you have to first file a claim against the city or other government entity that you wish to sue. That party then has six months to respond and hopefully resolve your claim. Often, filing the claim is just the first step (and necessary) step before you can submit your Los Angeles injury lawsuit.

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