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$36.5M Riverside County, California 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Verdict is Awarded to Paralyzed Woman and Her Husband

December 31, 1969

Two years after she sustained a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed, Jaishree Sheth and her husband Prakash Sheth have been awarded a $36.5 million Riverside County, California semi-truck crash verdict by a jury. The Sheths are from India.

The two of them were visiting the United States in and heading to the airport in Orange County, California in 2010 when the car they were riding was struck by an 18-wheeeler truck that entered the lane they were in while trying to overtake them. The auto spun out of control on the freeway, struck the median barrier, and hit another car.

Involved in the Riverside County big rig truck crash was a semi-truck owned by Schneider National, an international trucking and logistics company. The trucking company has tried to avoid taking responsibility for any part of the collision and instead attempted to blame a relative of the Sheths, who had been driving the smaller vehicle. They also attempted to push forth the argument that any compensation paid to the couple shouldn't be too large an amount because medical care is not as expensive in India as it is here.

Jaishree is an ex-financial consultant and her husband is a retired chemist. Aside from her severe spinal injuries from the collision, she also suffered respiratory failure, underwent two emergency procedures, and was confined to the hospital for two months. Jaishree continues to require round-the-clock care.

Prior to the Riverside County spinal cord injury trial, the trucking company tried to offer the couple $250,000. The jury awarded them $36,482,302.56.

Big Rig Truck Crashes
If you have been involved in a Riverside County, CA 18-wheeler truck crash that you believe was caused by the truck driver or trucking company, you want to work with an experienced personal injury law firm that knows how to pursue recovery in this type of case.

"Many truck companies have teams in place to combat California injury and wrongful death allegations and they may even try to get you to settle right away so that you don't sue for a larger amount," said Riverside tractor-trailer accident attorney Vincent Howard. It is important that you not settle until you have explored your legal options. Better still, don't even talk to the other party or anyone representing them until you've hired a law firm to represent you.

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The impact of colliding with an 18-wheeler truck weighing thousands of pounds and carrying tons of cargo can leave victims with injuries so severe that he/she may never be able to live a normal life again. For those that have lost a loved one in a large truck crash, their lives are also forever changed.

"You want to make sure that you and your loved ones are fully compensated for the harm suffered by all," said Temecula truck accident lawyer Vincent Howard.

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