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House Fire Risks in L.A. - National Fire Prevention Week

December 31, 1969

It's National Fire Prevention Week! This year's safety campaign is taking place from the 7th through the 13th of October. You might think a fire in your home would never happen, but the truth of the matter is that it's among your greatest risks. Landlords and apartment owners must also do whatever is necessary to protect tenants.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), there were more than 3,000 people killed in fire-, smoke- and flame-related accidents in 2010.
As we head into the last quarter of the year, our temps are expected to drop in many areas of the state. The risks for a fire only increase with the cooler weather and with the cooler months. That's why our Costa Mesa personal injury attorneys are asking everyone to take a few seconds to make the right moves to help to prevent fires in their home. You can start off by making a quick checklist to identify the risks in your hope.

Safety Steps to Help to Prevent Fires:

-Make sure that your fire alarms are working properly.

-Change the batteries in your fire alarms at least once a year.

-Make sure that you have fire alarms on each floor of your home. You should also have one in each bedroom.

-Make sure that your family has an escape plan in the event of a fire. Make sure you practice this plan at least once a month.

-Install a sprinkler system into your home.

-Make sure that there are fire extinguishers in your home. Make sure that everyone in the home knows where they're located and how to use them properly.

Eliminate Your Homes of Fire Hazards:

-Make sure that electrical appliances don't have loose or frayed cords.

-Never place wires under rugs.

-Make sure that you never overload your plugs.

-Install a GFCI outlet in your home, especially in areas that are prone to water.

-Make sure you're using the right bulbs in your fixtures.

-If you notice an appliance spark, smell funny or start to overheat, remove it from the home and get a replacement or get it fixed.

-Make sure that none of your lights, lamps or nightlights touch any fabrics in your home.

-Never leave a candle unsupervised and don't leave them around children.

-Have your furnace and/or heating system inspected annually.

To be safe, you never want to open a door that feels hot. Make sure that your family knows your escape plan. This should include crawling should you have to escape through smoke. You should also cover your mouth and your nose with a moist towel, if you can, when attempting to escape. Once you're out of the house, get away and call for help. Never go back inside once you're out -- no matter what!!!

It only takes a few minutes for a house to rage out of control from a fire. Building fires can reach temps of 1,500 degrees in a matter of minutes. These fires create carbon monoxide gas too, which you can't taste, see or smell. This gas can cause immediate unconsciousness, followed by death.

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