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Orange County, California College's Study Reports that Students Still Drink and Drive Despite Knowing About Dangers

December 31, 1969

According to an Orange Coast College campus survey, even though college students know that drunk driving can lead to fatal consequences, there are still those that continue to binge drink before getting in a driver's seat. The findings were released by the "Do It for Cara Lee: Be the Designated Driver" program.

Lee, a former OCC student, was fatally injured in an Orange County, California car crash on February 14, 2010 when the vehicle she was in was struck by another auto operated by Gustavo Adrian Vega, another student at the Costa Mesa college. At the time, he was driving under the influence. Last year, Vega was sentenced to over 20 years behind bars.

According to the OCC survey, which polled 434 students (65% of them are of legal drinking age) 15% of participants admitted to binge drinking 3 to 5 times in the past month, while 3% of the males and 6% of the females admitted to binging on alcohol at least 10 times. Also per the study's findings, most students don't ride with a designated driver. Many of the students surveyed didn't understand the meaning of the term. (For a women, binge drinking involves the consumption of at least four alcoholic beverages, while for men it is five drinks or more.)

"Deaths caused by drunken driving are tragic not just for the victim, but also for surviving loved ones and the motorist that caused the crash," said Howard Law, PC Partner and Orange County, California car accident attorney Vincent Howard. "Family members must spend the rest of their lives coping with the realization that their relative might still be alive were it not for someone making the irresponsible decision to drive after drinking too much alcohol." There are also the emotional, physical, and financial consequences that a drunk driving crash creates for everyone involved.

Drunken drivers usually never intend to inflict harm on anyone. In addition to the guilt of knowing that they killed someone with their recklessness, many drunken drivers end up in prison and/or as the defendant of an Orange County, California wrongful death lawsuit.

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"With newer drivers, combining alcohol with driver inexperience and the restlessness generally associated with youth can increase the chances of a drunk driving accident happening," said Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer Vincent Howard. Then again, even with experienced drivers, driving drunk is never a good idea. Intoxicated driving impairs the senses, slows reflexes, causes disorientation, results in poor judgment, and can lead to blackouts regardless of the driver's age.

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