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Orange County, California Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Blame Roland Heights Osteopath For Two Prescription Overdose Deaths

December 31, 1969

The families of Riley Russo and Ryan Winter have filed separate Orange County, California wrongful death lawsuits against Dr. Lisa Tseng. State and federal officials are accusing the Rowland Heights osteopath of illegally prescribing painkillers to patients. 10 drug deaths have been linked to Tseng, who practices in a mini-mail close to the 60 freeway. Also named as defendants are Dial Drug Pharmacy, which is located in Laguna Hills, Pacific Pharamcy in Huntington Beach, and White Front Pharmacy in Costa Mesa

Russo, who is from Laguna Niguel, was a recovering drug addict. His family contends that the "reckless" prescribing of medication by Tseng played a "substantial" role in his death. Meantime, according to Winter's Irvine wrongful death lawyer, the 20-year-old obtained prescriptions for Xanax and Opana from Tseng the week prior to his death. Both Orange County, California medical malpractice lawsuits accuse Tseng of neglecting to take a proper medical history, failing to refer the two men to specialists, and not getting proper authorizations from them. Under the California Drug Dealer Liability Act, families can pursue anyone that played a role in distributing drugs that were ill-gtotten.

According to the Orange County Register, drug users in South Orange County consider Tseng as someone allegedly willing to prescribe drugs even when she knows they will be used recreationally. While the Osteopathic Medical Board of California is attempting to get Tseng's medical license revoked, the Drug Enforcement Administration has taken away her ability to prescribe controlled substances. Tseng is accused of issuing over 27,000 prescriptions in three years.

The ability to prescribe medication is a privilege and one that must not be abused. It is a medical professional's responsibility to prescribe drugs only when it will benefit a patient. This includes making sure that it is not a medication that a patient will have an adverse reaction to and ensuring that that the latter is aware of any side effects that may result. Knowing a patient's medical history is also very important, as well as whether/not he has suffered from any addictions. Not only is it against the law to prescribe medications for recreational use but it is medical negligence and can be grounds for an Orange County, California medical malpractice case.

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