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Orange County, California Products Liability: CPSC and Nine Manufacturers Recall 2M Pourable Gel Fuel Units Following Burn Injuries and Deaths

December 31, 1969

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and nine manufacturers and distributors are voluntarily recalling about 2 million pourable gel fuel units. This latest recall comes following 65 incidents, including two deaths and 34 hospitalizations. The gel fuel has been linked to flash fires that have caused severe burn injuries to the chest, face, hands, legs, and arms. The gel fuel appears to be most dangerous while being poured into an already burning fire pot. It is at this point that it has been known to unexpectedly catch fire, spraying the flames on to people and nearby objects.

The CPSC says there are actually more victims than the number of incidents reported because some of those that have gotten hurt were the people trying to rescue victims that were directly injured by the gel fuel. If you live in San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, or Orange County, California and you or someone you love suffered serious burns while using pourable gel fuel, do not hesitate to contact our Anaheim products liability law firm to request your free case evaluation.

Nearly 28 of the 65 incidents reported involved gel fuel by Napa Home & Garden, which conducted its recall last June. However, the CPSC says that all pourable fuel gels made by any manufacturer pose a burn hazard to users. The nine companies that are recalling their gel fuel products are Bird Brain Inc., Smart Solar Inc., Bond Manufacturing, Real Flame, Sunjel Company, Pacific D├ęcor Ltd, Fuel Barons Inc., Luminosities Inc., and Lamplight Farms Inc.

The fuel gel is proving so flammable that some people are saying that once it gets stuck on clothing or skin it refuses to be exstinguished. Victims and witnesses have even compared the fuel gel to napalm, a "lethal weapon," or "gasoline in a bottle."

Among those that were recently hurt in pourable gel fuel accidents are a teenager, 14, who ended up in a coma and was hooked up to a ventilator after he suffered severe burns. Another man, 24, had to undergo multiple surgeries for his injuries, and he will likely have to undergo more procedures. His best friend was also hurt in the same incident.

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