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Orange County, California Pool Drowning: 6-Year-Old Recovering From Placentia Accident

December 31, 1969

Orange County fire officials say a 6-year-old nearly drowned in a Placentia swimming pool at a mobile home park last week. The boy appears to have been holding onto the side of the pool when he slipped under.

His 14-year-old sister pulled him from the water and began administering CPR. He had regained consciousness by the time he was transported to Children's Hospital in Orange.

The Orange County Fire Authority reports that there have been 20 drowning emergencies in 22 of the cities that it services since January 2009. Meantime, the Orange County's Health Care Agency reports that 25 young people died in Orange County, California drowning accidents between 2005 and 2007. During this same time period, 204 kids (under age 18) were treated in US emergency rooms after they were immersed under water.

Other facts from the Health Care Agency for 2005 - 2007:
• Children under 5 were involved in 69% of all immersion-related events.
• This same age group made up 72% of Orange County, California drowning deaths.
• 64% of immersion incidents took place in spas and pools.
• 16% of Orange County, California immersion-related incidents occurred in Anaheim, 13% in Santa Anna.
• Over 51% of immersion incidents occurred between June and August.
• 12% of children involved in immersion-related incidents died.

In 2008, six Orange County minors under age 5 died in California drowning accidents. One child died in a spa, four kids died in pools, and one child died in a bathtub.

As we've mentioned in previous blog posts, a drowning accident can be grounds for an Orange County, California premises liability or wrongful death claim if someone sustains injuries or dies in another party's pool or spa. Kids are especially at risk of dying or sustaining catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, in drowning accidents.

Steps premise owners can take to decrease the chances that someone will die in a pool or spa accident:

• Install a four-sided fence around a backyard pool.
• Add pool alarms and motorized pool covers.
• Make sure that buckets and pails are emptied out of water or other liquids after use.
• Properly supervise all swimmers--especially kids.
• Consider learning CPR.

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Although more drowning accidents tend to occur during the summer months, our Orange County, California personal injury lawyers are aware that the warm weather in our state year round requires that premise owners make sure that their pools and spas are safe for use at all times and do not place people--especially young kids--at risk of getting hurt or dying in California drowning accidents. Contact Howard Law, LLP today.