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Plane In 2011 Long Beach Plane Crash That Killed Five People Was 653 Pounds Overweight

December 31, 1969

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the Beech Super King Air 200 that crashed at the Long Beach Airport during takeoff on March 16, 2011 weighed more than it should have and may have contained water in its fuel lines. Per the NTSB's preliminary report, which it released this week:

The flight's takeoff had already been delayed by two hours that morning because of a radio transmission problem. As the plane began it ascent, it started to "yaw left and level off" until, according to witnesses, and it appeared to be moving sideways. Its nose then dropped to almost vertical, before jerking upward, and crashing to the ground.

Five people were killed in the Long Beach plane accident: Pilot Kenneth Cruz and passengers Bruce Krall from Ladera Heights, his clients Jeffrey Burger and Thomas Dean, and Mark Bixby. Dean was the owner of the plane. They group had been heading to Salt Lake City for a ski trip. Passenger Mike Jensen, who survived the aviation accident, sustained internal injuries, burn injuries, bone injuries, and damage to his lungs.

"Aviation accidents often have few (if any survivors) and even if one is lucky enough to live after a plane crash, the victim will likely have serious injuries to recover from, said Long Beach plane crash lawyer Vincent Howard. It is a good idea to work with a Los Angeles County personal injury law firm that is familiar with plane crashes, their possible causes, aviation laws, and knows how to prove who was liable.

The NTSB's report talks about how combining the weight of the small plane, the fuel the passengers, and the luggage, at takeoff the aircraft's weight was 650 pounds more than what it should have been. Also, there may have been water in the tanks even though the plane's pilot operating handbook mandates that someone drains all of the fuel containers prior to the first flight of the day. However, the NTSB is not yet drawing any final conclusions. That said, it will be important to find out whether faulty maintenance, pilot negligence, and/or another issue caused the Long Beach plane collision.

Bill Gipson, West Coast Aircraft Maintenance's director of maintenance, told investigators that he didn't think the King Air's gas tasks were being drained regularly since the owner purchased the plane in 2009. Gipson also has said he had refused to perform the King Air's yearly service because he didn't think maintenance records were complete or that the aircraft was on a regular maintenance program.

Whether it is a small plane or a huge commercial flight, there are generally multiple fatalities involved. Depending on where a California plane crash happens, there may be victims from both the air and the ground. By working with a Long Beach plane crash law firm, you can figure out not just what caused this horrible accident, but also who you should hold responsible so that you can pursue the compensation that you are owed for losses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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