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Police on the Hunt for Irresponsible California Motorcyclists

December 31, 1969

Motorcyclists better be on the lookout, because Costa Mesa police are on the hunt for irresponsibleĀ bikers. According to the Daily Pilot, officers throughout the area are going to be increasing their patrol efforts over the next month to help to put an end to these needless injuries and deaths.
The enforcement effort is called "Motorcycle Enforcement Operation." During this time, officers will be looking for riders who are speeding, riding under the influence and other irresponsible traveling habits. This is all in a strict effort to help to curb the risks of motorcycle accidents on our busy California roadways. According to the latest statistics, we are one of the most dangerous states in the country for these kinds of accidents, recording some of the highest numbers pf rider fatalities.

Our Costa Mesa motorcycle accident lawyers understand that it's not just the motorcyclists who are under fire. Officers will also be on the hunt for car drivers acting irresponsibly and will he handing out tickets to those drivers as well. With the summer travel season, we're seeing a lot more traffic on our roadways, and risks for accidents are high. It's important -- no matter what kind of vehicle you're in (or on) -- that you keep safety as a number one concern.

According to California accident information, motorcycle accidents oftentimes include impairment, unsafe turning and speeding.

Motorcycle riders were shown to have the highest percentage
of drivers with previous driving convictions (DWI, speeding and revocation) as
compared to other vehicle drivers. Safe riding habits truly affect your safety out there on our busy roadways. You can't always expect other drivers to do their job to keep you safe, so you've got to make sure you're ready for anything.

Funding for this operation was provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) within the California Office of Traffic Safety grant. So consider this your warning: Be on your best behavior behind the wheel -- and on your bike -- to help to reduce your risks not only for an accident, but also for a costly ticket.

Motorcycle deaths in the state of California have increased by close to 200 percent in 10 years, from roughly 200 in 1998 to close to 600 in 2008. These increases in motorcyclist deaths occurred at a time when significant gains were achieved in other areas of traffic safety. Although we did experience reductions in motorcycle fatalities in 2009 and 2010, preliminary 2011 data indicates a possible increase and motorcyclists are over represented in overall numbers of traffic deaths.

Motorcycling is not just recreation. It requires you to be familiar with the motorcycle, wear the right clothing and be a responsible rider. You are expected to be visible, communicate your intentions to other drivers, keep adequate space for passing and lane splitting and be prepared to act.

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