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Questions are Raised Over Whether Mission Viejo Swim Club Responded Appropriately to Allegations that Coach Had Inappropriate Sexual Relationship with 16-Year-Old

December 31, 1969

An Orange County, California swim coach is accused of engaging an improper contact with a minor. Daniel Ad'm Dusenbury, who was a coach with the Mission Viejo Nadadores (considered by many to be the number one swim club in the world) could be banned from swimming for life. Dusenbury has been a rising coaching star in the international swimming circuit for some time now.

According to some parents, Nadadores officials, and others, Dusenbury may have begun his allegedly inappropriate sexual relationship with a 16-year-old female member of the swim team in 2006 when he was 28. The sexual relationship reportedly lasted over four years. The young lady, who is now 22, denies having a sexual relationship with Dusenbury when she was underage.

However, even as allegations about the relationship surfaced and club officials started investigating this matter, they are accused of still letting Dusenbury keep coaching swimmers without supervision. This included coaching underage swimmers privately.

According to The Orange County Register, USA Swimming, which is the national governing body of the sport, is currently looking into whether club officials acted appropriately after learning of the allegations against Dusenbury. One former Nadadores board of director member, ex-chair Rick Brotherton, said that because he so disapproved of how the club dealt with the matter he is no longer affiliated with it and neither are his kids.

There is reportedly a DVD that was given to Nadadores officials in August, which includes pictures of a diary from 2006 that the teenager and Dusenbury used to chronicle their relationship. The journal includes names of places and dates when sex acts between the two of them allegedly took place. The diary also shows that other Nadadores coaches might have been suspicious of Dusenbury's relationship with the girl as early as May of that year. It wasn't until October of last year, following other unrelated sexual allegations, that Dusenbury was asked to resign. However, The OC Register and the OCWeekly are both reporting that he was allowed to come back for a time. Dusenbury now works with Voices for Children of San Antonio.

"If an entity in charge of supervising/working with children ignores allegations of Orange County, California sexual abuse or inappropriate sexual misconduct with a minor, the party could be held liable if those claims in fact prove to be founded," said Howard Law, PC Founder and Anaheim Personal Injury Attorney Vincent Howard.

California law makes it illegal for anyone 18 years of age or older to have sex with someone under 18. If the age difference is three years or greater, the adult may face felony charges. If the adult was in a position of trust over the underage person he/she engaged in sexual misconduct with and is convicted for this, prosecutors may require the perpetrator to register as a sexual offender under the California Sex Offender Registration Act.

"Unfortunately, there are many organizations and other entities that apparently have looked the other way to ignore or hide allegations of Anaheim sexual abuse against an employee or member. Not only does this endanger the well-being of the victim, but it places other minors at risk," said Orange County, California Personal Injury Lawyer Vincent Howard.

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