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Recalled Medicine a Risk to Children in Southern California

December 31, 1969

Attention parents and guardians! Officials with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have issued a recall for Triaminic and Theraflu products. If you have these medicines in your home, you're urged to toss them out immediately.
According to the CPSC, the products were recalled because they didn't meet the CPSC's child-resistant closure requirement. This poses a serious poisoning threat to young children. These kinds of medications are required to come with child-safety locks. This is to help keep children out in case they get their little hands on the bottles. When the child locks are not working properly, it's easy for our young ones to get into them and to unintentionally consume far more than advised.

Our Costa Mesa injury attorneys understand that Triaminic Syrups and Theraflu Warming Liquids are covered under this recall and we're asking parents to spread the word. According to the CPSC, the child-resistant safety caps on these bottles can fail to function properly and enable the cap to be removed by a child with the tamper-evident seal in place. This is dangerous because these products contain acetaminophen and diphenhydramine. Both are required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act to be sealed with child-resistant packaging.

Both acetaminophen and diphenhydramine are the cause of tens of thousands of poisoning accidents among children each year. One of the main problems is that acetaminophen in large doses can be especially damaging to the liver.

If you have either the Triaminic or the Theraflu "warming liquid" and it was purchased between May of 2010 and December of 2011, you're asked to stop using it immediately.

These products are made by Novartis. So far, the company has already received more than 10 reported to children getting into the bottles with the faulty caps. Four of these children ingested the product. To help to keep your child from becoming one of these statistics, make sure you clean out your medicine cabinet frequently. Safely dispose of any old, expired or no longer needed medications. They can't harm you if they're not in the house.

A spokesperson with Novartis contended that more than 95 percent of the syrups that were recalled have already been quarantined, returned or consumed before the recall, according to NPR.

In the U.S., two children a day die in poisoning accidents. It's not just the cough and cold medicines that pose these risks to our children either. We also have to worry about cleaning products and other chemicals in our homes.

Take a run through you home and make sure that all of these products are out of sight and out of reach. Keep them away from your children and locked up to help to prevent an accidental poisoning.

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