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Riverside County Motor Vehicle Crash: Driver Claims Mechanical Problems May Have Been a Factor in Red Light Running Collision that Injured Eight Pedestrians

December 31, 1969

Eight teenagers were injured on Wednesday in a Hemet auto accident when a pickup truck drove through a red light and struck them. Three of the victims were reportedly in critical condition.

The driver of the pickup, a 1994 Ford Ranger, was 18-year-old Daniel Carrillo. The Riverside County traffic crash happened in a crosswalk just as classes ended for the day at Hemet High School. The Hemet, CA pedestrian accident victims are two male students and six female students.

According to the Riverside Press-Enterprise, witnesses say that the driver was in a right-turn-only lane that goes into the parking lot when his vehicle accelerated at the intersection. Carrillo does not appear to have been driving while under the influence. Per the Associated Press, he is suggesting that mechanical failure may have caused his auto to accelerate.

"Anytime you or someone you love is involved in a Hemet pedestrian crash, it is a good idea to speak with a California injury lawyer right away. This way, if you have grounds for a case, the law firm that you choose to retain can send a team of experts to look at evidence and talk to witnesses as soon as possible," said Riverside County car accident lawyer Vincent Howard. There may be more than one person who can/should be held liable.

At this time, there isn't enough information available in this particular collision to know what happened and who is at fault. However, if mechanical failure did play a role in causing the pickup to suddenly accelerate, then the victims and their families may be able to pursue a California auto products liability claim against Ford or any other related parties. If Carrillo was negligent, he could find himself the defendant in several Riverside County personal injury lawsuits. Also, if there was something faulty about the pedestrian lane's placement (hard for drivers to see or a history of pedestrian accidents) or the traffic light failed, then there may be reason to file a case against the city or county (or whoever is in charge of that stretch of road).

"Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to serious injuries because they have nothing to protect them from the impact of collision. Howard Law, PC has seen the catastrophic consequences that can result and we are here to help victims recover the damages that they are owed," said Riverside County pedestrian accident lawyer Vincent Howard. Serious pedestrian accident injuries have been known to include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, head injuries, back injuries, broken bones, organ damage, and even death.

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