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Road Work Heightening Risks for California Car Accidents

December 31, 1969

Officials from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), joined officials with the Madera County Transportation Commission recently and held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the launch of a new construction project. Workers will be working on a new interchange on State Route 99. This new interchange has been designed to help eliminate the congestion for local commuters.
"Not only will this project benefit motorists for years to come, it will also provide jobs for the Central Valley," said Malcolm Dougherty, Caltrans Director.

Our Fresno car accident lawyers understand that road construction is a common summer activity in the area. This isn't the only road construction project that we can expect on our California roadways. During this time (and throughout the rest of the year) drivers are asked to be safe out there. These construction areas see far too many preventable accidents. Be on your best behavior behind the wheel to help keep your travelers and our roadside workers safe through these transformations.

Under this new project, workers will be creating a new interchange. It's happening at Avenue 12 to help to accommodate the proximate 70,000 daily commuters in the area.

But that's not all. Workers will also be working on a new southbound on-ramp along State Road 99, as well as upgrading the traffic signals in the area and improving the roadways.

Get ready for a lengthy span of work. This project isn't estimated to be completed until 2016. It's a costly one too, at close to $85M.

If you have to travel this area, you're asked to be extremely cautious. We're here to provide a few safety tips to help make sure everyone, including our roadside workers, are protected in these construction areas. Read the following tips and take note:

-Slow it down. One of the top causes for construction zone accident is motorists' speed.

-Follow flaggers. These individuals are there to help organize traffic and make sure everything is flowing smoothly and safely.

-Plan ahead. If you know there's construction along the route you need to take, try to make a route around it. If you can't get around it, plan ahead and leave early to allow yourself plenty of travel time to avoid rushing.

-Steer clear. Leave ample space between you and other vehicles as well as road workers and their vehicles. You want to allow yourself plenty of room to react to a potential hazard.

-Get into your designated lane as quickly as possible. The last thing you want to do is make a last-minute lane change and cause an accident.

-Pay attention. A construction zone is no time to make phone calls or text message behind the wheel. Make sure your full attention is on your surroundings and your maneuvers behind the wheel. Your safety relies on it.

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