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San Bernardino County Motorcycle Accident Victim Awarded $31.5M Jury Verdict Against Caltrans and Car Driver

December 31, 1969

Three years after he sustained permanent traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries in a San Bernardino County motorcycle accident on Highway 138, a jury has awarded David Evans $31.5 million. The defendants in the case were Caltrans and the other driver.

Evans was close to the Mountain Road intersection when he was struck by a car making a left turn in front of him. The jury found the other motorist 85% liable for the Pinion Hills motorcycle collision. They held Caltrans 15% liable.

The attorneys for Evans had argued that because the Mountain and 138 intersections are not perpendicularly aligned, drivers are compelled to make sharp left turns to avoid oncoming traffic. They believe that this played a role in causing the collision and that Caltrans should be blamed because he was warned about this road danger. At least 10 other motor vehicle crashes had occurred at this same intersection prior to Evans' San Bernardino motorcycle collision. The jury found that Caltrans did not protect Evans against the unsafe condition because it did not set up pylons to stop drivers from making such sharp, corner cutting turns.

Because of his permanent injuries, Evans now needs 24-hour nursing care for life. He and his wife are pushing for Caltrans to remedy the dangerous road condition.

As San Bernardino motor vehicle accident lawyer Vincent Howard has mentioned in the past, collisions involving motorcycles can be deadly for the riders that have little to protect them except for a helmet and protective clothing. Howard Law, PC knows that injuries from a Southern California motorcycle collision can be life-altering and how it is important that you are able to receive compensation from all liable parties.

Contrary to stereotype, all motorcyclists aren't people that throw caution to the wind. Most riders are very careful and they take great pains to safely ride on our roads. (Of course, that said, some San Bernardino motorcycle collisions are a result of rider carelessness or inexperience).

Often, injuries from a motorcycle crash come with wide-ranging repercussions and costs. You may not be able to work again for a while (or ever) and your injuries may require that you undergo costly surgery, follow-up visits, and rehabilitation. In some cases involving catastrophic San Bernardino motorcycle crashes, a victim's injuries are so severe that he/she may require specialized nursing care for life. This can create all kinds of losses not just for the rider but also for loved ones. Then, of course, there are the motorcycle fatalities.

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