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San Clemente Big Rig Truck Crash Injures Four

December 31, 1969

At least four people were hurt on Monday in a San Clemente truck crash involving multiple vehicles at an I-5S off-ramp. Two of the victims, both women who as of this morning are reportedly still in critical condition, had to be cut from their Volvo SUV before they could be transported to a Mission Viejo hospital.

According to officials, the big rig truck ran a red light, colliding with the SUV and a BMW at the intersection While the OC Register is reporting that the Orange County, California truck collision injured two others, including one person in the BMW, the San Clemente Times says that six people were taken to Mission Hospital.

With the investigation into the collision still underway, it can be difficult to know at this time exactly who is responsible for causing the San Clemente motor vehicle crash. However, if the truck driver did, in fact, cause the Orange County, California traffic accident by running a red light, then the victims and their families could choose to pursue the trucker, the trucking company that he/she works for, and other related parties for San Clemente personal injury.

"The impact of a colliding with a large truck can be so devastating to the body that if a person is lucky enough to survive any serious injuries, the road to recovery may be long and costly," said Howard Law, PC Partner and San Clemente 18-wheeler Truck Accident Attorney Vincent Howard. "It can be hard to know right away the type of toll your injuries can take--physically, economically, emotionally, and psychologically. Here is where we step in."

Many trucking companies--large ones, especially--are equipped to counter and combat San Clemente personal injury claims. Some have even been known to arrive at the scene of a crash in an attempt to do damage control and get victims and their families to agree to settle right away.

"What may victims and their families don't realize is that by agreeing to settle immediately and adopting the notion that 'something is better than nothing' they are giving up their right to sue a negligent party for damages, which could result in a much larger award or settlement than they could get from settling right away," said Anaheim Personal Injury Attorney Vincent Howard.

4 injured in multi-vehicle crash on I-5 off-ramp in San Clemente, OC Register, February 6, 2012

Photos Added: Six Injured when Semi Charges Through Avenida Pico Intersection, Two Critical, San Clemente Times, February 6, 2012

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In addition to your actual injuries, not being able to work while you recover (or, if the injuries are permanent and disabling, maybe even for the rest of your life, can add to your costs and to the disturbing impact the accident may have on your career, ability to make a living, personal life, and family life. You want to make sure that all costs, damages, and related expenses are factored in when negotiating with the other party, which is why it is a good idea that you not interact with him/her/the entity involved and let your San Clemente injury attorney speak on your behalf.

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