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Santa Ana Car Accident Leaves 6-Year-Old Pedestrian in Critical Condition

December 31, 1969

A 6-year-old boy had to be hospitalized after he suffered serious injuries in a Santa Ana, California pedestrian accident. According to police, he sustained severe abdominal trauma after he became pinned between a wall and the vehicle on West Highland Street close to Shelton Street.

Per the initial probe, a male drive was entering a driveway when the boy ran in front of the car. The driver accidentally accelerated instead of stepping on the brakes.

"Unfortunately, many young kids don't fully comprehend the dangers that can arise when crossing the street or in front of a vehicle at a driveway," said Anaheim car accident lawyer Vincent Howard. "Failure to pay attention, the inability to accurately assess the speed of a moving car, a sense of invincibility, or lack of judgment can up the risks of a child becoming involved in an Orange County, California pedestrian accident, which is why it is so important that motorists pay attention when driving in areas where there are kids present."

Common scenarios involving California child pedestrian accidents:

Backover accidents: A driver that is backing out of a driveway may fail to see that there is a child behind the vehicle. A boy or girl may also dart behind the auto at the last minute. Backover accidents can also happen in parking lots. Unfortunately, there are drivers who aren't as careful when driving slowly out of a parking spot because they can't imagine that someone could end up getting hurt when the vehicle is moving at such a slow speed.

Kids suddenly running into the street out of nowhere: A child might suddenly jump into the road to chase after a ball or a friend. Or, he/she might step out of a car parked on the side of the road and step in front of oncoming traffic.

Child pedestrian accidents involving school buses: Unfortunately, accidents involving kids getting hit by a car when attempting to get on/off a bus are not rare occurrences.

The time of day can play a role in when a Santa Ana child pedestrian accident is more likely to happen. For example, the early morning or the middle of the afternoon when there are many kids walking, biking, or skateboarding to or from school are high risk times for potential pedestrian accidents. Halloween--October 31--is usually the date of the year when the most child pedestrian accidents will happen in a night. Regardless of the fact that kids are more prone than adults to becoming involved in a pedestrian accident, it is still the responsibility of motorists to refrain from careless or reckless driving to minimize the chances of a Santa Ana pedestrian accident from happening.

"You want to work with an Orange County, California traffic crash law firm that also is experienced in dealing with injuries to minors cases," said Santa Ana pedestrian accident attorney Vincent Howard.

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