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School Safe Driving Program Aims to Help Los Angeles Teens Make Safer Driving Choices

December 31, 1969

Teenage drivers are always at greater risk than adult drivers of becoming involved in a fatal car accident, and injuries from crashes are the leading cause of death for young teens. Unfortunately, while teen drivers always face serious dangers behind the wheel, there are certain times when kids are more at risk than others. 1326285_graduation_2.jpg

As we mentioned in our recent article on the "100 Deadliest Days For Teen Drivers", kids are more likely to die in car wrecks during the summer months than at any other time. Our Santa Ana injury lawyers know that an average of 399 deaths occur in teen car accidents during the "100 Deadliest Days," as compared with just 346 teen deaths on average in other months. This significant increase in car accident fatalities can be avoided if teens are more careful. A school safe driving program called "In One Instant" is educating kids in schools throughout Southern California about the risks of dangerous driving.

Culver City Students Will Participate in Safe Driving Program

According to, "In One Instant" is an award-winning safe driving program that is produced by Streetwise Media and sponsored by Fineshriber Family Foundation and State Farm. The program has been praised by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health; the California Highway Patrol; school administrators; and the Los Angeles Police Department, among others.

The "In One Instant" program is designed to use peer engagement and other educational techniques to encourage kids to make smarter driving choices, especially when it comes to distracted driving or drunk driving. The program consists of a video screening, funeral dramatizations and other activities including asking kids to write "Today I died," goodbye letters to better focus attention on the real consequences of teen car accidents. Information is generally shared in an all-school assembly where kids are asked to sign a "Vow to Live" and urged to join an In One Instant school club and spread the word about safe driving.

Many teens report that the Program has changed their driving behavior for the better, causing them to think more about driver safety and to be more careful. The Program is taught at schools throughout California and at the end of May, around 1,200 kids from Culver High will be given the opportunity to participate in the program.

Hopefully, these teens will respond to the lessons learned and will act right away to change their behavior for the better. Many teens die in car accidents during the time from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and these "100 Deadliest Days" are largely caused by teens celebrating graduation, prom, summer vacation and other summer milestones. If teens make smarter choices during this dangerous period and actually change their behavior due to better understanding of auto accident risks, then perhaps the number of deaths could be reduced this year and more kids could make it through summer OK.

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