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Shopping Accidents in Los Angeles & the Busy Holiday Season

December 31, 1969

The official kickoff to the holiday shopping season is here.

With Black Friday, we all get a chance to get our hands on some limited-time offers.

Unfortunately, most everyone in the state has the same idea and the crowds of people and the packed stores is a recipe for serious accidents.

According to FOX40, shoppers already waiting in line are taking some serious safety precautions to protect their hard-earned money. A number of line-waiters told reporters that they're not keeping cash on them, saying they're only dealing with debit and credit cards, which are easy to cancel if they get stolen.
Take the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento for example. According to FOX40, there are close to 10,000 people who are expected to be waiting outside in anticipation of the front doors opening on Black Friday. Steve Reed, Security Chief, says that the law enforcement coverage will be quadrupled during this time. There will be officers in cars, on segues, on bikes, on horses and even on foot covering the close to 80 acres of the mall. There will also be more than 165 cameras monitoring the grounds to help to make sure that everyone is safe. Still, with all of this supervision and monitoring, it's important that you take the proper safety precautions that you can to help to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys understand that there were more than 65 stolen cars recovered and more than 50 people arrested on the grounds in the last three years. The truth of the matter is that malls and shopping centers during this time of year are targets for some of the most dangerous circumstances. We especially need to keep an eye on our children, as this is not only prime time for thieves, but it's also prime time for predators.

The National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff the Crime Dog are here to offer you some safety tips to help make your Black Friday as safe as can be.

Black Friday Safety Tips:

-If shopping with your children, you want to have a plan in place in case everyone gets separated. Make sure that you designate a meeting spot and make sure you child knows how to spot and speak with security guards and police officers for help.

-Never purchase more than you can carry.

-When walking to your vehicle, make sure you have your keys in hand.

-Check the back seat and around your car before getting in.

-Never leave packages or bags in plain sight inside your vehicle.

-Deter pickpocketers. Carry your purse close to your body and keep your wallet inside on your coat or in the front pocket of your pants.

-If you see a bag or a package that's left unattended, let a security guard or an officer know.

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