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Should the CPSC Recall the Bumbo Baby Seat Again?

December 31, 1969

Late last year, Howard Law, PC published a California Injury Lawyers post reporting that the Consumer Product Safety Commission had issued a warning cautioning parents and guardians against using the Bumbo Baby Seat incorrectly. These popular baby seats are supposed to be used on the ground and not on an elevated surface. However, lacking any type of child safety strap and used by babies that are too young to be able to hold themselves up without support, the Bumbo Baby Seats were proving to be a fall hazard, causing potential head injuries (including skull fractures) to infants (ages 3- to 10- months, in particular).

The federal safety agency's warning came four years after it recalled all of the baby seats, which some babies seemed able to easily wiggle through and fall out of. Bumbo International had decided to include a warning label noting that improper use of the infant seat--on a table, chair, countertop, or another elevated surface--could cause falls. The 2007 announced after the CPSC and the manufacturer had been made aware of 28 reports of fall accidents (resulting in three skull fractures) from when the seats were used incorrectly.

Now, however, it seems that even when the Bumbo Baby Seats are being used at ground level, there are still babies getting hurt. Since the 2007 recall, the number of Bumbo seats sold in the US has hit four million. Along with this increase in sales, there have been additional reports of 50 child injuries involving babies whose parents had used the Bumbo seats as directed. There have also been reports of 45 fall accidents involving infants using the seat on elevated surfaces. 17 more kids have sustained skull fractures. Concerned that "proper" use isn't enough to prevent injury, The Consumer Federation of America, Kids in Danger, US PIRG, Consumers Union, and Public Citizen recently joined together in writing a letter to the CPSC asking it to recall the Bumbo Baby Seats.

"Even without safety standards or testing requirements for this type of product, a manufacturer should still be responsible for making products that are safe for all consumers--especially children and infants," said Anaheim products liability lawyer Vincent Howard.

If your child was injured from using a Bumbo Baby Seat or any other consumer product--even if the item doesn't seem defective, you still may have grounds for an Orange County, California personal injury case.

"For a product used by infants to place them at risk of serious head injury--potentially even a traumatic brain injury--is unacceptable," said Anaheim defective products attorney Vincent Howard. "By pursuing damages from a negligent manufacturer, seller, or retailer, you not only give yourself the opportunity to obtain some financial relief but you could be protecting other babies from getting hurt."

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