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Six-Car Accident on North 405 Blocks All Lanes

December 31, 1969

Officers with the California Highway Patrol recently responded to a six-car accident on the north 405 Freeway. According to the Fountain Valley Patch, the accident happened just before 8:00 p.m. and it was so severe that all lanes of travel were blocked. The Costa Mesa Fire Department was also called to the scene.
According to reports from witnesses, a mattress flew off of a pickup truck and that's how the accident started. Officers were not able to locate the mattress though. There were five tow trucks on the scene to help to clear the area and get traffic moving again.

Our Costa Mesa car accident lawyers understand how scary it can be to drive on our state's busy, congested and fast-traveling roadways. It's important to be on your best driving behavior, especially when driving along our state's roadways. As drivers, we can oftentimes get a little too comfortable behind the wheel and we can get used to the routine of freeway driving. The truth of the matter is that it's important that we're on our best behavior behind the wheel when driving along our state's freeways. On the roadways, our speeds are a lot faster than they are on interior roads. This means that risks for fatal accidents are much higher in these areas. The faster you're going the higher your risks are for serious injury, and even death, in the event of a collision. For that reason, we're urging drivers to review the following safety tips along our state's busy and unpredictable freeways.

Freeway Safety Tips:

-When getting on the freeway, you need to remember that there's already traffic there. Don't force your way in and wait for a gap in traffic.

-Make sure you're aware of the speed limit. Don't exceed it and never travel too slowly. You want to stay with the pace of the vehicles around you.

-Be sure never to tailgate other vehicles. By following too closely you reduce your time to react. In ideal driving conditions, you want at least a 2 second gap between your car and the car in front of you. When weather is shoddy, increase that distance as you'll need more time to react.

-Always be ready. You want to drive defensively and be one move ahead of the drivers around you.

-Keep an eye on freeway signs. These signs can alert you about potential hazards, including broken down cars, roadside constructions, accidents, flooding, weather conditions, etc.

-Always make good use of your mirrors, but don't forget to physically turn and check your surroundings before making a move in traffic.

-When passing a vehicle, do so swiftly and get back into your lane of traffic. Never hang alongside another vehicle.

-Make sure that you always use your blinkers before making any move in traffic.

-Don't drive for too long. Stop and take a break every 100 miles or every two hours. You never want to drive while drowsy or distracted.

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