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SoCal Car Accident Risks on the Rise

December 31, 1969

Officials with the National Safety Council (NSC) recently released their preliminary estimates for traffic accident fatalities in the country. According to the new statistics, officials say that there were more than 36,000 people killed in car accident in the U.S. in 2012. Unfortunately that's a five percent increase from the year before and marks the first increase since 2005.
Our Costa Mesa car accident lawyers understand that there were close to 4 million people injured in car accidents in 2012. That's also a five percent increase from the year before. But why the increases? Officials believe that the increase is a result of our improving economy. Americans feel more comfortable spending at the pump and traveling. When Americans are driving more and more people are on our roadways, the risks for traffic accidents increase. Officials also credit the mild winter of 2012 for the increase. With calm winter weather, there were more northerners out traveling.

Ever since December of 2011, the number of total miles driven in the U.S. has been on the rise. Now, it's more important than ever for drivers to be on their best behavior out there.

"NSC is greatly concerned with the upswing in traffic fatalities on our nation's roads," said Janet Froetscher, president and CEO of the NSC.

The safety features of our vehicles are getting better and better, but the challenges we have to face on our roadways are getting worse. We have to worry about the risks involved with teenage drivers, distracted driving and drunk driving. We all need to work together to help to correct these problems and to put our best foot forward on U.S. roadways.

How serious is this problem?

Aside from the lives lost in these kinds of accidents, traffic crashes represent significant costs, including administrative expenses, property damages, loss in wages and productivity, employer costs and more. Altogether, officials believe that traffic accidents in the U.S. in 2012 ran a tab of more than $276 billion, which also serves as a five percent increase from the year before.

When you're behind the wheel, you've got one job to do -- drive safely. Not only are we asking you to be responsible behind the wheel to save yourself a legal and criminal headache, but we're asking you to be safe out there to help to protect yourself and to protect other drivers. Safe roadways start with you and with your habits behind the wheel. Make sure you keep distractions out of the driver's seat. Make sure you're abiding by all road laws and you're aware of the traffic around you.

It's not too late to reverse the trend of the increasing number of accidents. Do your part. Stay safe out there!

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