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Obey Move Over Law - Reduce Risk for L.A. Traffic Accidents

December 31, 1969

You may have noticed. There's a lot of road work being done around the state of California. During this time of year, road workers hit the streets in full force trying to improve the condition of our roadways before we get that surge of seasonal traffic.
To help to improve safety for both road workers and for passing motorists, officials with the California Department of Transportation recently launched a new media campaign to stress the state's "Move Over" law.

Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers understand the dangers that accompany road construction. Traffic is rerouted and sometimes congested and delayed. The message of the campaign, "Slow or Move Over for Workers, It's the Law," is posted throughout the state for the entire campaign. There will be PSAs on the road and on the television. The Move Over law requires drivers to get away from emergency vehicle, police vehicles and roadside workers whenever passing them. Under the law, a driver is required to move over to a lane that's not adjacent to the emergency vehicles or vehicles. If that is not practical or safe, the driver is required to slow down to a reasonable or prudent speed that is safe for the current road, weather, vehicular or pedestrian traffic conditions.

Officials with the California Department of Highway Safety have teamed up with officials with the state's department of transportation, officials with the California Highway Patrol and those with the California Office of Traffic Safety to help to get this message out!

"Our goal is to do everything we can to keep our highways safe," said Malcolm Dougherty, Acting Caltrans Director. "Motorists must slow down, watch out for highway workers, and safely move over a lane when they see flashing amber lights on Caltrans or other emergency vehicles."

Last year, there were about 700 electronic highway signs scattered throughout the state to help to raise awareness. Since 1925, there have been nearly 200 roadside workers in the state of California who were killed in traffic accidents.

Officers say that this campaign isn't about targeting drivers and writing them tickets, but about making sure that they understand the dangers of their actions and make the proper adjustments. The only way that we can work to prevent roadside fatalities from happening is to make sure that those who are on the side of the road are given plenty of room.

George Valverde, the Director of the state's DMV, would like to remind drivers that officials who are on the side of the road -- whether they be emergency response teams, police officers, tow trucks or roadside workers -- are working to help keep you safe. We should all return the favor and do what we can to help to protect their safety.

The Move Over law went into effect back in 2007 and was amended in 2009 to include state vehicles with flashing amber warning lights.

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