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Tips on Hosting a Safe Holiday Party in Southern California

December 31, 1969

Friends and family members are sure to gather over the holidays and celebrate this joyous time. Crystal will chime as we toast one another. During this time, party hosts and establishments are warned to be wary of who they're serving to and how much is being consumed.
Our Costa Mesa personal injury attorneys are asking you to plan out your holiday gathering a little differently this year. Instead of focusing on the decorations and the sweets, we're asking you to keep a close eye on the alcohol. We remind residents to keep alcohol out of underage hands and to monitor how much of-age guests are consuming. Your concern can help to prevent a potentially fatal accident.

If you're hosting a holiday party this season, please review the following tips before setting up. These are some safety precautions that could not only work to save you, but can help to save the lives of others.

Party-Hosting Tips:

-Make sure that you have water and other nonalcoholic beverages on hand for guests who are not drinking and for those who are not of age.

-Check ID's. If you don't know the guest personally, cover your tracks and ask for some identification. This will not only help to keep strangers out, but it will help to keep you from serving minors.

-Make sure that each guest who is attending your party and plans on drinking knows to come with a designated driver. This is someone who pledges to consume no alcohol throughout the party.

-Come up with a schedule for the bar. Make sure you're closing up shop a couple hours before the party is scheduled to wrap up.

-Hire a bartender for your party. This will help to keep an eye on exactly how much alcohol is going into guests' drinks and on how many drinks they've had.

-You should think about hosting your party somewhere other than your home, like at a bar or at a restaurant. This will help to take some of the responsibility off of you.

-Make sure that everyone has a sober ride home. Provide intoxicated party guests with phone numbers to cab companies. You should be aware of the local transit schedule and locations, too.

-Make sure that there is plenty of food provided throughout your event. You never want guests to consume alcohol on an empty stomach.

-Put yourself in the mind of a non-drinker. Don't force drinks on your guests or rush to refill their glasses right away. Some guests may accept drinks they don't want in order to avoid appearing rude.

-Avoid serving salty snacks. This only makes guests thirstier and more likely to drink too much alcohol.

-Take guests keys upon arrival. Throw them in a bowl and return them only to deserving individuals at the end of the party.

-For those who aren't able to get home safely, open up your home as a hotel. Couches make great beds to those who have been drinking.

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