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Tire Blowouts Can Lead to Deadly Orange County, California Car Accidents

December 31, 1969

With summer officially here it is important that drivers stay mindful of the condition of tires to minimize the chances of a tire blowout happening. Orange County, California tire blowouts can cause rollover crashes, single-auto collisions, and accidents involving other vehicles. Common causes include tire defects, low tire pressure impacted by extremely hot weather, impact/contact damage, vehicle overload, and/or general wear and tear.

If you or someone you love was injured in a Los Angeles tire blowout accident that you believe was caused by the negligence of the vehicle/tire manufacturer or the driver, please contact Howard Law, PC today to request your free case evaluation.

How Drivers Can Avoid a Tire Blowout:

• Check the pressure on your tires every month.

• If your tire makes hard contact with an object on the road, strikes a curb, or drives through a big pothole, check the tires afterwards.

• Stay abreast of tire recall announcements in case the manufacturer of your tire announces a recall that may affect you.

• Regularly maintain your vehicle and your tires. Follow the maintenance schedule designated by the manufacturer.

• If a tire becomes worn, change it. Excessive wear and tear can prove very dangerous.

• Always keep a working spare tire in your vehicle.

What To Do If You are Dealing with a Tire Blowout:

• Keep both hands on the steering wheel and try to keep your vehicle on a straight track.

• Lift your foot off the gas pedal and slowly decrease the speed of your car.

• Try to safely move your auto toward the side of the road. Avoid making sudden turns.

• Park your vehicle and activate your hazard lights.

• If you decide to get out of the car, watch out for oncoming traffic.

• Replace your worn tire with your spare tire or contact AAA or another company that can help you.

"Unfortunately, the outcome of an Anaheim tire blowout doesn't always play out so smoothly in real life, and the driver may have to struggle to maintain control of the vehicle while attempting to safely navigate a curve, stay on the right side of the road, and/or deal with traffic coming from both directions," said Orange County, California traffic crash attorney Vincent Howard. A vehicle whose driver is not in control of it can prove deadly for everyone involved.

Pursuing Huntington Beach injury recovery from any party can be tough. It can be particularly intimidating when you are trying to go after a large manufacturer that has the financial resources and manpower to combat your claim.

"Many people make the mistake of settling with the other party right way without exploring their legal options first," said Newport Beach tire defect attorney Vincent Howard. "Retaining the services of an experienced Orange County, California personal injury law firm means you are working with legal representation that has your back.

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