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Trampolines & Child Injury Risks in Southern California

December 31, 1969

Kids shouldn't be on trampolines, according to a recent article published by NBC News.

According to officials, there were about 100,000 injuries because of trampolines in 2009. Because of this alarming number, a warning has been issued. Trampolines aren't even safe with the safety nets that many of the new ones utilize. All they're doing is giving parents a false sense of security.
"We recommend that you not provide it for your family or your neighbors to use. But if you do use one, you need to be aware of the risks," said Dr. Michele LaBotz, a lead author of the new AAP statement.

Our San Bernadino injury lawyers understand that parents often see trampolines as benign playthings. The truth is that they're extremely dangerous and can result in some serious, if not permanent or life-threatening, injuries. Parents oftentimes think they're safe because they're designed, marketed and sold for use by children. What parents may not realize is that the bouncing, the height and the horseplay can be seriously dangerous. Larger kids and even adults who jump on these things can serve as propellers for others jumping on them and can shoot them into the air. When someone comes down wrong, it's the same as falling from 10 feet in the air.

According to the most recent information from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), about three-quarters of all injuries that happen on trampolines happen while users are jumping on the mat. In most of these cases, the youngest children were most likely to be injured.

Overall, it's the younger kids who are more at risks for these kinds of accidents. Most times, these injuries are to the legs and spine, usually fractures. Recent studies have concluded that about 35 percent of those who wind up in an emergency room because of a trampoline accident are under the age of 6. About 30 percent of the injuries sustained by kids between the ages of 6- and 17 were dislocations and fractures. Close to half of the kids under the age of 6 were injured this way.

Trampoline Accident Statistics:

-Most common injuries for all age groups were contusions, strains and sprains.

-Falls from trampolines accounted for close to 40 percent of all injuries.

-Fall accidents from trampolines are usually catastrophic.

-One out of every 200 trampoline accident injuries results in some kind of neurologic damage that's permanent.

Still, parents allow children to use these things. For this reason, the government offers safety tips. Still, your best bet is to discontinue use.

Trampoline Safety Tips:

-Never allow children to jump unsupervised.

-Keep your trampoline in a cleared area.

-Check to see if your homeowners insurance covers trampoline accidents.

-Use them at ground level whenever possible.

-Remember that netting is not a replacement for responsible jumping habits.

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