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Two Women Settle Irvine Elevator Accident Lawsuit Over 11-Story Drop

December 31, 1969

Sufeir Hsu and her daughter Janet Hsu have settled their Orange County, California elevator accident lawsuit against ThyssenKrupp Corp. and the Irvine Co. They claim that they sustained physical and emotional injuries, as well as suffered financial damage, when the elevator they were riding in at 1 Park Plaza dropped 11 stories last July, causing both of them to get knocked down while glass and metal fell on them. The mother and daughter are claiming false imprisonment and the intentional infliction of distress after they were forced to wait in the elevator cab for over an hour because building owner Irvine Co. decided not to force the doors open, which would have been more costly, but instead made them wait for a technician. The Hsus contend that the defendants placed greater value over the elevator door than their own safety.

Orange County, California Premises Liability
Property owners and managers can be held liable for Irvine premises liability if a hazard or defect on the property causes someone serious injury or death. "It is the responsibility of those in charge of a property to make any necessary repairs, remove any hazards, or warn of any dangers," said Irvine elevator accident attorney Vincent Howard. Also, if a parts defect or design defect played a part in causing an elevator accident, other potentially liable parties might include the elevator manufacturer or a maintenance company that failed to do its job properly.

Elevator Accidents
Out of the approximately 18 billion elevator passenger trips that take place in the US every year, The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that approximately 27 related fatalities occur each year.

For example, there was the deadly Los Angeles County elevator accident that happened last December when a 2,000-pound car fell on top of 48-year-old Huntington Beach Annette Lujan at Cal State Long Beach. The university employee was riding the elevator when it got stuck between two floors. When she tried to climb out, the elevator started moving again and that is when it fell on Lujan, crushing her. It took over an hour to lift the car off her.

Meantime, there thousands of elevator accident injuries that occur each year, including those caused by electrical shock, car falls, abrupt stops, the car coming to a halt below or above the designated floor, the elevator door opening up at the wrong time, someone falling in/getting stuck between the building and the elevator, design defects, and poor maintenance.

"Figuring out who should be held responsible can be a complex matter especially when multiple parties may be involved, said Irvine elevator accident lawyer Vincent Howard.

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