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Wal-Mart Recalls Enfamil Newborn Baby Formula Following Infant's Death

December 31, 1969

Wal-Mart is recalling a batch of Enfamil Newborn as a precautionary measure following a 10-day-old baby's death in Missouri from a rare bacterial infection. The powdered infant formula is sold in 12.5-once cans and the batch is lot number ZP1K7G. Some 3,000 Wal-Mart stores throughout the US will be pulling the product from their shelves.

The baby, Avery Cornett, died from Cronobacter sakazakii. It is not known at this time whether the baby formula caused the infection. C. Sakazakii has been linked to powdered infant feeding formulas, which usually aren't sterile and can become tainted with bacteria after pasteurization, while the formula is being prepared for the baby, or from products used to make the formula. It is an environmental contaminant that primarily affects infants and premature babies. Unfortunately, the bacteria can be very dangerous for them.

Mead Johnson Nutrition, which makes Enfamil Newborn, has been quick to note that the actual source of Avery's infection has not been verified. The manufacturer also stated the infant formulas are tested for bacteria before they are shipped into the marketplace.

According to Businessweek, there was another newborn that also recently developed C. Sakazakii after being given powdered formula. Fortunately, the infant recovered. A Mead Johnson spokesperson says that this incident hasn't been linked to Enfamil Newborn. (The baby reportedly drank several kinds of powdered formula.)

If, in fact, the Enfamil Newborn was the source of baby Avery's C. Sakazakii, his parents could have grounds for a products liability lawsuit against Mead Johnson. Wal-Mart could also be held responsible for selling the tainted powdered baby formula.

Products Liability
California products liability law allows a victim to hold manufacturers, sellers, wholesalers, and retailers liable for an injury caused by a product. Food is considered a product. Unfortunately, tainted, contaminated, and spoiled foods sometimes do enter the marketplace, causing food poisoning, bacterial infections, other illnesses, and even death.

"There may be other parties besides a manufacturer that should be held liable for the product defect that caused your loved one injury, illness, or death," said Howard Law, PC partner and Orange County, California products liability attorney Vincent Howard.

Sometimes, a food can become "defective" during the manufacturing process. Poor preparation can also result in food becoming contaminated or tainted. An experienced Anaheim personal injury law firm can help you determine whether the defect occurred and who should be held responsible.

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