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Was Driver Accused of Causing Newport Beach 10-Vehicle Crash that Killed 3 and Injured 3 On Medication?

December 31, 1969

In January, our Newport Beach personal injury law firm reported on a 10-car crash that killed three people and injured three others on the Coast Highway. At the time, police said they believed that 27-year-old Julie Allen had been speeding at over 90 mph when her car went into the lane of opposing traffic, striking several vehicles, including a motorcycle, as it went airborne. Authorities were trying to figure out if Allen, who suffered from mental health issues, was medicated when the Newport Beach car crash accident happened.

Allen died from her injuries, as did Laguna Niguel resident Christopher De La Cruz and his mother, Santa Ana resident Linda Burnett. Four months after the catastrophic crash, the Orange County Register reports that police are still waiting to receive a final toxicology report. They do not, however, believe she was on alcohol or drugs.

If medication did, in fact, play a role in causing the accident or if Allen acted in negligent ways that resulted in the collision, her estate could be held liable for Newport Beach wrongful death or personal injury. For example, if she knew that taking the drug would render her too drowsy to drive safely, then the other victims or their families may have a case against her. There also could be other liable parties, such as a doctor (if he /she prescribed the medication but failed to warn of side effects). Or, if unintended acceleration is what caused Allen's car to accelerate out of control, then there also may be reason for a California auto products liability complaint.

Driving while Medicated
There are certain medications that you shouldn't take when you have to drive. Blurred vision, grogginess, slowed movement, dizziness, nausea, and difficulties focusing or paying attention are usually some of the side effects associated with these types of medications. A person that disregards these reactions and decides to get in the driver's seat can be a very dangerous motorist for others to encounter on the road.

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