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Why Orange County, California Traffic Accidents Happen

December 31, 1969
The California Office of Traffic Safety says that failure to yield and speed were the two leading causes of Orange County, California traffic accidents in 2008 when:

1) 3,171 motor vehicle accidents and 35 deaths occurred as a result of motorists driving at unsafe speeds.
2) 1,609 auto crashes and 7 fatalities occurred because of failure to yield the right-of-way.
3) Improper turning was a factor in 26 fatalities and 1,023 traffic accidents.
4) Failure to obey traffic signs, lights, and signals led to 10 deaths and 975 auto crashes.
5) DUI while in a motor vehicle or on a bicycle contributed to 36 deaths and 910 collisions.

These Orange County, California motor vehicle accidents and fatalities represent just 78% of the 9,850 auto accidents that occurred in the county in 2008. Other causes of motor vehicle crashes in the county last year included following too closely, falling asleep while driving, and driving on the wrong side of the road. 

The number of deadly traffic accidents on Orange County, California highways also dropped last year--reflecting similar declines seen throughout the state and the nation. The California Highway Patrol says 59 motor vehicle deaths occurred in 51 Orange County, California freeway crashes in 2008, compared to the 59 fatalities in 58 highway crashes that happened in 2007. 

Throughout California, the latest state statistics show a 23% drop in highway deaths for 2008--from 1,749 California highway fatalities in 1,529 collisions in 2007 to 1,349 deaths in 1,219 fatal crashes in 2008. 

Meantime, Orange County, California traffic accidents on surface roads claimed 79 lives in 2008, compared to 128 fatalities in 2007. 15 of last year's fatalities occurred in Santa Ana, 6 deaths took place in Anaheim, Costa Mesa had 2 traffic deaths on surfacer roads, Huntington Beach reported 3 deaths, and 2 fatalities occurred in Westminster. 

While most of the larger Orange County, California cities experienced a decline in surface street deaths, San Clemente and Newport Beach saw a jump in these fatalities from 2 deaths in 2007 to 6 fatalities in 2008. Lake Forest had 5 traffic deaths on its surface roads in 2008 compared to just 1 fatality in 2007.

Orange County, California traffic accidents continue to cause injuries and deaths to far too many people. There is no excuse for negligent or reckless driving, and if you or someone you love was seriously injured because another motorist was speeding, driving drunk, fell asleep behind the steering wheel, failed to obey the traffic laws, or made another careless mistake, there are California personal injury remedies available to you.

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