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Woman Files $75K Huntington Beach Trip and Fall Accident Claim Over Injuries Caused on Raised Sidewalk

December 31, 1969

Rose Herrera is seeking Huntington Beach personal injury damages from the city. The 56-year-old woman says she was injured in an Orange County, California trip and fall accident on July 25, 2011.

According to Herrera, she was walking on Flamingo Circle, which is the street where she lives, when she fell on an area of the sidewalk that had been raised by tree roots. She landed on her right arm and knee, fracturing her wrist in the process. Herrera says she needed to two surgeries and has not been able to work since she got hurt.

Trip and Fall Accidents
Huntington Beach trip and fall, slip and fall, and step and fall accidents can cause painful, debilitating injuries. A person may land on his/her back, head, or face, sustaining back injuries, facial injuries, broken bones, bruises and cuts, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and even death. The injured person may have to undergo surgeries, take time off from work, hire a physical therapist, go on follow-up visits with a physician, and take pain medications. His/her life and routine as well as the lives and schedules of families may become disrupted as a result.

"While a 'trip and fall' accident may sound harmless enough, often the injuries can be very debilitating, even disabling," said Howard Law, PC Partner and Anaheim Premises Liability Attorney Vincent Howard. "Recovery can take anywhere from a few days, to a few weeks, to months, or even longer and some injuries may be permanent--not to mention the health complications that can arise."

Common causes of trip and fall accidents (depending on where the accident happened and the nature of the surface and (if) any obstructing objects involved):

• Uneven pavements
• Poor lighting
• Uneven flooring or carpeting
• Cables or electrical cords on the ground
• Objects or debris on the floor

"You want to make sure you factor into account all the costs and losses and damages that can arise--even those that are not directly caused by the Orange County, California trip and fall accident but are a result of the incident nonetheless," said Huntington Beach Personal Injury Attorney Vincent Howard.

If hazardous conditions caused you to trip an fall, you may have grounds for an Orange County, California premises liability claim or lawsuit against the property owner. Premise owners can be held liable if the injury takes place due to an unsafe condition that he/she knew or should have known existed. To prove liability, the injured party must show that the premise owner caused the hazardous condition by creating it or failing to remedy it, knew about the condition yet didn't try to eliminate or repair it or make it more safe, or should have known about it and taken actions that any reasonable person under those circumstances would have done to fix the problem.

Woman wants at least $75,000 after fall in H.B., OC Register, January 30, 2012

City of Huntington Beach

Proving Fault in Accidents on Dangerous or Defective Property, Nolo

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