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Woman in Bar Brawl Files Orange County, California Excessive Use of Force Lawsuit Against Huntington Beach

December 31, 1969

A woman who was involved in a bar brawl last March is suing the city of Huntington Beach for Orange County, California personal injury. Marcia Moses says she suffered emotional and physical scars when police used excessive force to break up the dispute and falsely arrested her.

Moses was outside a Main Street bar on March 26, 2011 just after 2am when she and another woman got into a pushing match. A friend of Moses joined in and hit the other woman's face.

Moses says she got hurt when police, who were called to the scene and tried to arrest her male friend, pushed her and she fell after stumbling in her heels. She says that when she got up, a cop shoved her and she fell unconscious.

In her Huntington Beach personal injury complaint, Moses says she sustained a concussion, a broken wrist, and posttraumatic syndrome from the incident. She also contends that the excessive use of force by police caused her anxiety, humiliation, and nightmares.

Moses is also suing both the cop she claims battered her and Huntington Beach police Chief Kenneth Small. She blames Small for not properly training the police officers. She claims that he failed to reprimand them after they used too much force when dealing with her.

"Police officers must never use more force than necessary when doing their job," said Howard Law, PC and Huntington Beach Personal Injury Attorney Vincent Howard.

Unfortunately, many people don't realize that their rights may have been violated because a cop or another law enforcement officer used unwarranted force when questioning, apprehending, or arresting them. "In some cases, it is a matter of unintended use of excessive force during the heat of the moment. In other instances, it is a matter of abuse of power known as police brutality. Regardless, both are unacceptable," said Orange County, California Injury Lawyer Vincent Howard.

Examples of excessive use of force or police violence include verbal abuse, making threats, blackmail, sexual abuse, sexual assault, physical force, and use of a gun or a Taser or baton on someone who is unarmed and poses no threat whatsoever. Even if the police department or the city, county, or state doesn't agree that you've been the victim of excessive use of force, you still may be able to recover Orange County, California injury damages.

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Police officers are there to uphold the law and protect citizens, not cause anyone undue and unnecessary harm.

Huntington Beach police brutality lawyer Vincent Howard represents clients in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. Contact Howard Law, PC to schedule your free case evaluation.