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After careful consideration and strategic planning, I have decided to launch HOWARD LAW, P.C.: A California law firm for the people, dedicated to protecting people’s rights and ensuring their prosperous futures.


Several years ago, I started HOWARD ROWLANDS & NASSIRI, a small law firm committed to helping consumers and giving them a voice in recovering from their overwhelming financial matters.  It was this law firm that formed the foundation of its progeny HOWARD | NASSIRI, P.C.  When greedy banks and lenders began to foreclose on countless homeowners in California, it was HOWARD | NASSIRI, P.C. that provided Californians with hope by suing the banks, which saved homes.  As a result, our reputation spread quickly, and within a few years our beloved clients began referring their friends and family members to us.  In fact, even judges presiding over our cases and defense counsels saw the potential in the services that our firm provided and began sending us cases concerning their friends and family.
Not only was the firm of HOWARD | NASSIRI, P.C. saving homes, but it was also standing up to unfair employers that operated with disregard to their employees' rights and to large corporations which placed greater priority on profit than on the safety of their employees.  Thus, from the initial period of our firm, we have remained dedicated to protecting people’s civil rights.


Our new firm, HOWARD LAW, P.C., is based on the same foundations and principles of its predecessors.  Although my longtime partner and close friend, Damian Nassiri, and I have decided to part ways to pursue our separate passions and interests, the same great staff of professionals and attorneys that made HOWARD | NASSIRI the success that it is today will continue to work for the newly established HOWARD LAW.


We believe that our clients have been drawn to us over the years not solely because of our knowledge of the law and our mastery of the policies and regulations that impact their lives, but more importantly because we also have a profound commitment to excellence and an unyielding commitment to outstanding client service.  It is our commitment to excellence and service that has earned our firm the excellent reputation it has enjoyed over the years.


Under HOWARD LAW, P.C., we have formed strategic partnerships with premier and aggressive lawyers and law firms both locally and around the country in order to provide a higher-grade representation to our clients.  We have also strengthened our relationships with third party service providers so that we can continue to provide our clients with cost effective services.


As we continue to form relationships and alliances with other law firms and companies so that we can expand and better serve our clients, we will still strive to make each of our clients feel like family and to make you feel safe and secure.  Our firm will work diligently on your case to make sure that your interests are protected and to ensure that you have a voice!  I am excited about what the future holds for us, and I am glad we are starting this journey together.  So it is with great pride that I introduce to you, HOWARD LAW, a California Professional Corporation.




                                                                                                                                          VINCENT D. HOWARD    


                                                                                                                                          HOWARD LAW, P.C.




"Legal Help You Need, When You Need it!"




Attorney Spotlight



Anikó M. Rushakoff, Esq.


This month’s Howard Law attorney spotlight shines on Anikó M. Rushakoff, a member of Howard Law’s criminal defense and civil litigation group.  As a consummate trial attorney, Anikó has handled numerous jury trials to verdict, representing over 200 individuals in state and federal courts throughout Southern California. 


Anikó also practices in the area of bankruptcy, having worked for San Diego’s largest bankruptcy firm for four years prior to joining the Howard Law team, and will be working in all practice areas within the Howard Law firm.


Anikó Rushakoff is admitted to practice before all the California State courts and the United States District Court for the Central, Eastern, and Southern Districts of California and the United States Bankruptcy Courts for the Central and Southern Districts of California.  Anikó is a member of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, Consumer Attorneys of California, the American Association for Justice, the Orange County Bar Association, the North County Bar Association, and the San Diego County Bar Association.


As a native of San Diego, California Anikó graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and went on to earn her Juris Doctorate at the University of San Diego, School of Law—becoming one of the youngest attorneys to pass the California State Bar Exam, at the impressive age of 21. 


Anikó is a seasoned and aggressive litigator who feels most comfortable in the courtroom—where she receives constant inspiration acting as a tireless advocate on behalf of her clients.

Howard Law in the News



Howard Law has proven to be a reliable legal source for local and national media coverage.  Last month, Vincent Howard was featured on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, discussing the closure of Marijuana Dispensaries in Lake Forest, California by local and federal authorities, in a news segment interview.


Our Howard Law firm continues to be dedicated to the rights of medical marijuana patients, doctors, growers and collectives.  Vincent Howard, who represents two of the Lake Forest dispensaries, discussed the controversial and ongoing case in Lake Forest, with the NBC Nightly News, and the local and federal efforts to shut down the marijuana collectives. 


According to Howard, the city attorneys of Lake Forest have argued in this case that the city can use zoning laws to prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries, and that as marijuana is still classified as an illegal drug by federal authorities, it can’t be legally dispensed in California.  However, Howard Law argues that the businesses are operating legally under state law, and that the city is confusing the right to regulate with the right to ban medical marijuana collectives, which does not comply with California law. 


In this recent development, the Lake Forest dispensaries were given a three-day eviction notice from their landlord, which according to Howard, they do not intend to fight.



Howard Law Gets Loan Modification Results


Our firm is well known for its representation of consumers in the areas of foreclosure, mortgage workouts, and mortgage related bankruptcy, and for filing lawsuits against banks and lenders who have victimized homeowners over the years with fraudulent, abusive, and predatory lending practices.


As Howard Law, our attorneys and professionals continue to be leaders in the home loan modification industry, fighting hard to help numerous California homeowners save their homes from the brink of foreclosure by securing a mortgage payment they can afford through our loan modification program.  We have proudly represented California homeowners since this crisis began; and as a result, many families have avoided foreclosure.


Many homeowners come to us after exhausting their patience and administrative remedies with a loan servicer.  Your loan servicer may have given you information that is untrue or contradictory, delayed responding to your loan modification requests, or even denied you a loan modification despite your qualifications.  Our foreclosure defense attorneys can help by holding your lender legally accountable for violations of the law when they wrongfully foreclose on your home, by filing a lawsuit on your behalf and by attempting to settle your case by requesting a modification of your existing home loan and getting you mortgage payments that you can afford.


Every day, our legal team at Howard Law continues to work hard to save homes and to save California homeowners money. 


Take a look at recent savings that our Orange County loan modification attorneys obtained for our clients:



Ocwen Loan Servicing: 

This loan modification plan resulted in a Total Monthly Savings of $1,853.99 for our client.  All delinquent interest has been capitalized to the principle balance of the loan and all late fees have been waived.  The lender deferred $79,200 of the principle balance.



Litton Loan Servicing: 

This loan modification resulted in a Total Monthly Savings of $869.46 per month for our client with a principal reduction in the amount of $79,154.98.  This resulted in an estimated savings of over $370,000 off the amount financed over the life of the loan All delinquent payments were forgiven as well.



Bank of America Servicing:

This loan modification resulted in a Total Monthly Savings of $514.20 for our client.  All delinquent interest and late fees have been capitalized to the principle balance of the loan.  The lender deferred a total of $138,186.55 of the principle balance.  The deferred Principle Balance of $138,186.55 is eligible for forgiveness provided the homeowner does not default on new modified payments.  The lender will forgive the deferred principle balance in installments of one third on each of the first, second and third anniversaries from the modification date.  The 4.50% interest rate will be a fixed rate the life of the loan.



Chase Home Servicing: 

This loan modification resulted in a Total Monthly Savings of $1,530.88 for our client.  All delinquent interest has been capitalized to the principle balance of the loan and all late fees have been waived.


Our Foreclosure Defense Attorneys believe servicers can and should do better, and we are prepared to hold them legally liable for violations of your rights or their obligations.  At times, it may be more profitable to shepherd borrowers into foreclosure, but when it is a violation of the law, we can take it to court!


“Facing Foreclosure Alone is

Never Easy”


Attorney Profiles


Vincent D. Howard



Anikó M. Rushakoff


Gregory H.D. Alumit


Joseph Weiner


Bryan L. Ngo



Staff Profiles


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Practice Area of the Month

Labor and Employment Law


At Howard Law, our Costa Mesa, California attorneys and professionals continue to be a constant source for breaking news developments in labor and employment law on a local and national level—by maintaining an extensive knowledge of the important employment issues affecting the workplace today, including wage and hour violations and employment misclassification. 


Employee misclassification, as our California employment lawyers blog has frequently discussed, is a growing workplace epidemic that robs workers of important employee rights and protections, like overtime payments and minimum wage, workers' compensation, and rest breaks and meal periods, among other employee benefits.  Employee misclassification also places employers who are trying to comply with state and federal labor and employment laws at a competitive disadvantage in business, as many dishonest employers misclassify employees in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes —leaving taxpayers to deal with the problem.


According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), overtime payment is the largest wage and hour violation issue in the country, with thousands of complaints reported annually.  Over the past few years, the Labor Department has initiated a nationwide investigation into wage and hour violations and employee misclassification in the workplace.  The DOL reports that over the past five years, employers have paid around $925 million in overtime wages and back pay to 1.2 million workers.


Employee misclassification has also been a hot topic in state and federal legislation.  Last month, California Representative Lynn Woosley (D-CA) introduced the Employee Misclassification Prevention Act of 2011 (EMPA), H.R. 3178—a bill Woosley introduced last year, that aims to stop employee misclassification and help invigorate the national economy.  In April of this year, Senators Tom Harkin (D-IA), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), introduced the Payroll Fraud Prevention Act, requiring employers to keep accurate classification records and status of each worker performing services and labor for the company. 


Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown added California to the growing list of states across the country that have enacted legislation to fight the misclassification of employees, by approving Senate Bill 459—a bill that reprimands companies and employers who willfully engage in employment misclassification with stiff penalties.  The DOL and the IRS also recently combined departmental efforts to eliminate employment misclassification.


Our attorneys and professionals at Howard Law agree that employees across the nation deserve the right to a fair workplace, and should not be taken advantage of at a time when this country is experiencing such a difficult economic crisis.  Contact our labor and employment staff today, to discuss your California or federal labor and employment rights. 


Labor and Employment Tips

A Smartphone App for Wage and Hour Tracking



Howard Law has been interested in the new wage and hour technology launched this year by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), aimed to help employees track their hours and wages independently—all conveniently from their smartphones.  This is the first smartphone application launched by the DOL, and was introduced in order to reduce wage and hour violations in the workplace.


  The DOL smartphone application:

  • Allows employees to accurately track their hours and corresponding wages on a timesheet.
  • Employees can track work hours, overtime hours, meal or break times for one or more employers.
  • The application is available in English and Spanish, with links to the DOL website, where contact information, a glossary, and wage and hour information are provided.
  • Employees are able to view a daily, weekly, or monthly summary of their work hours and are able to comment on their hours, and then email the work summary back to their supervisors as an attachment.
  • The application is free, and currently available with the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The DOL is also exploring similar versions for Blackberry and Android.  If you don’t have a smartphone, the DOL website has a printable calendar in both English and Spanish in order to accurately to track hours.

As dedicated California labor and employment attorneys, we are experienced in handling all aspects of state and federal wage and hour laws concerning both employees and employer—making sure that employees are protected when their wage and hour rights are violated, and employers are compliant with federal and state labor and employment laws.



Recently Filed Wage and Hour Case


Young Vs. Cate, September 20, 2011


Our Howard Law labor and employment attorneys are currently representing an employee in a California class action wage and hour lawsuit who is suing his employer, the Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), for violating the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and neglecting to compensate the plaintiff and a class of over 10,000 correctional officers for overtime hours worked.


According to the complaint, the plaintiff is suing the CDCR, the second largest peace agency in the United States, for failing to provide overtime payment—which arises out of the CDCR's uniform policy to request holiday time off.  In order for a correctional officer to request a holiday, they must complete and submit a formal holiday request that cannot be submitted any earlier or later than thirty days before the holiday request.


However, the CDCR policy refuses to let the officers complete the holiday form during their regular shift schedule—requiring them to complete the request, which is work, at a time other than their scheduled work time.  In order to receive holiday request approval, the officers are required to report to their respective assignment locations donning their uniforms and all of their correctional officer equipment over thirty minutes before their shift even begins—which is time that is not compensated. The officers are also required to wait in line for holiday request approval, which often requires them to report for duty as early as 45-50 minutes before their scheduled shifts.


The complaint states that these willful and repeated violations of the FLSA have deprived the plaintiff and the class of correctional officers of hundreds and thousands, if not millions of hard earned wages.

For more information, see our California Employment Lawyers Blog entry: California Correctional Officer Sues CDCR in Class Action Wage and Hour Lawsuit





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