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If you are a California driver that has received a traffic ticket and want to fight it, then you have come to the right place. Our Traffic Ticket attorneys are the best at getting tickets dismissed when the traffic ticket is successfully challenged in court. Traffic tickets can be fought in Court and our traffic ticket law firm has numerous victories in which we have gotten our client’s ticket dropped completely – with no fines, penalties or damage to our client’s DMV driving record.

Call us today at 1–800–872–5925 for a free initial consultation to see if you have a case. For most California drivers, our traffic ticket lawyers can determine quickly if you have a potential case. Within a few minutes we will ask you key questions about the ticket which will direct us to the appropriate legal strategy. This could ultimately result in your ticket being dismissed by the Superior Court – Justice Served!

So don’t give in and pay that ticket – let us fight for you. Our California traffic ticket lawyers have fought the law and we have won and might be able to win for you too. Sure you could do this all yourself, fill out the forms and go to court, but why bother with the hassle? Let our attorneys handle it, that’s what we’re here for! Through a legal process known as trial by declaration, we may be able to have your ticket dismissed in the early phases.

Our fees are extremely reasonable as you will see. We’re here to fight for you so that you don’t have to pay for a ticket you didn’t deserve. The law allows tickets to be dismissed in certain situations. Find out now if you have such a situation that allows us to fight for your rights.

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We may be able to get your ticket dismissed.

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We’ll fight to have your traffic ticket dismissed!

Speeding, Red lights, unsafe lane changes, suspended licenses, DUIs and more.

Trial By Declaration.

Below are the forms that can be used to challenge a traffic ticket by the process known as trial by declaration. The officer who ticketed you is required to testify against you, either by live testimony or by filing his own declaration in opposition to yours. The Court will consider the testimony offered by both sides when rendering its verdict. Our California traffic ticket lawyers will fight for you.

To access the Forms and instructions, click the links below.

Instructions to Defendant

Request for Trial By Written Declaration

Notice and Instructions To Arresting Officer

Decision and Notice of Decision

Request for New Trial

Order and Notice To Defendant of New Trial

Officer’s Declaration